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Why eat a pizza made with yeast mother

It all stems from one word: rise. The yeast mother embraces an ancient history that dates back to around 3500.C, when the egyptians discovered that by leaving an interval of time between the preparation of the dough and the cooking time, the mass increased in volume. Once cooked, this acquired softness and a delicious scent.

Will be strange, but the yeast is a true and proper living organism: it is born, grows, can reproduce, and dies. And’ composed of micro-organisms that belong to the category of fungi called saccaromiceti that form spontaneously when water is mixed with the flour and produce molecules of carbon dioxide that increase the volume of the mixture

Eat a pizza or bread made with yeast mother certainly brings the advantages:

- Its preservation and very long, which allows you to brake, thanks to its acids, the formation of mold or parasites;

- Reduces the level of phytic acid, a substance that prevents the absorption of minerals by the body and that it attacks the enzymes that impede the digestion;

- Has a low glycemic value and therefore can be consumed by those who suffer from diabetes;

- Has beneficial effects on the intestinal flora , and it is more digestible and nutritious than that fragrance;

- It is rich in calcium, magnesium, iron and B vitamins.

In essence, a pizza which yeast is accumulated only for a few hours is undigested. That's why a lot of people avoid eating for the fear of not digest it well and pass a sleepless night because of the burning sensations, heaviness and thirst.


The process of leavening, is a job that involves much time, care, and passion. For more than ten years now we have triggered a process of natural fermentation: we mix the yogurt with a pear very ripe and grated, then add flour and water, giving life to a production process of the yeast, which may last several weeks.

For the neapolitan Chef Pasquale Zinno, the preparation and use of the yeast requires a lot of experience and sacrifices. In this regard we said: << It has to do with a product “alive” that is affected by every change in air pollution and should be adapted to the external needs. You have to be familiar with the procedures of processing of the product and to study all the features so that the final result is what you wanted: a product that is highly digestible, natural and is good to our body.>>

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